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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Okay, only thing is, I don't that I'm being threatened by the government, and there is no reason to think so.

Sorry, but I don't see this "abusive government". Perhaps if you could supply some reason, then maybe I'd actually feel threatened and resort to violent anarchy, as you're proposing.
Ah. Well, from what garfiled mentioned which is, in sum, potentially affecting the constitution negatively which may or may not be in the process indefinitely... I wouldn't say no reason in the absolute sense, but that could be a long shot. As a side detractor, Humans also run the government--anyone who could make a mistake. Have you not said in the past that capitalism can be ****ed up as a result of human nature? I'd contend governemnt isn't exactly immune from this either. However you have probably made that clear enough somewhere else...

Am I drawing a blank? Please tell me if I am...

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine View Post
This is what we elect representatives to the Senate and the House of Reps for. If we had to put every single resolution to a national vote, do you know how long it would take to do anything in this country?
That as it may be...could it hurt to have the checks and balances... a bit less on the precarious side of things? I don't think it would.
Or maybe I'm just crazy for having reasonable skepticism?
I'm wearing a tank top today, no one has stopped me and told me to cover up.
Simple classical semantics turns of phrase. Had no idea you were a comedian.
What exactly is political correctness limiting, pray tell?
In a possible word, specificity. It paints people of a group all one stripe without recognizing that there can be variations amongst that group of people. I.E. White, black, native american, mexican, asian, mutt, etc...

In general I'd think most of us would appreciate being able to discern nuances and have our perspectives stand out from one another even if we would agree with a general viewpoint, no?

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Yeah, I've considered it except for the fact I rarely joke about anything, I'd actually wouldn't mind being the next Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity, but then I don't think I would care for the constant death threats.
Well, fine, except there is more to it than that. --and I have a more or less realistic perspective what it takes to get into mass media (not necessarily make it, though, but maybe something that might help) if you'd care enough to talk to me about it.

...OK, I gotta pull out a Stop. Garfield, seriously, I am probably the closest thing you have to an ally here on LF outside your friends list. Please hear me out. I may be doing this at great risk of being infracted myself for it, there are certianly enough moderators, super moderators, and administrators here to see it and act upon it. Also on the other side I am risking alienating others like the conservatives and the neutrals.


Firstly, you don't really need to dignify everyone's post with a response, let alone respopnding something serious. These people have caught onto that and I'm not sure you realize it. These people are dicking with you, to be sure. I can see that you don't enjoy the animosity. Isn't a logical step to figure out why they are dicking with you? I'm sure half of these goads aren't even worth 1/10th your time more than just reading them and seeing them for what they are. So WHY do you do it? Is it absolutely necessary for you to respond to *every* thing? Why???

I realize you are a serious guy. I'm not taking anything away from it. There must be a more effective way to do it, though. I'd even be willing to help on that.

Secondly, maybe understanding and utilizing a little sense of humor yourself might go a long way in understanding others' posts? Hannity comes across a lot easier going to me than Mark LeVinn usually does. Bill O'reilley--meh, not my cup of joe, but hey... whatever moats ya.

Point being, part of the appeal of anyone is their persona. Any popular public figure knows how to send a message in general. They know how to effectively send an impression. They also know target audiences--fans, opposition, and neutral alike and how they each respond, and to what. Most importantly, they know how they generally come across. I am not sure you do.

Am I telling you to stop your conservatism? NO WAY. There will always be a need for it--and there is nothing that anyone hating it can do about that fact because that is life.

I see many here in general opposition to you who might agree with at least some more of the points you are making if you'd concentrate on that instead of nailing *every* thing with a response. Wouldn't you agree making a point and covering it on all sides is a convincing way to go about things?

Thirdly: I am a friendly voice, and I am not patronizing you. DO NOT take this the wrong way. As-is, HOWEVER: You are not helping your cause!

As an independent in a niche who probably leans more to the right, I am probably a minority here on LF as well. However I am a reasonable guy-even if some of the libs don't want to think so. That's THEIR problem, not mine.

In general, if you are serious about your politics and going into the radio field, then perhaps it is time for that. If most people here are just clowns who like to hear themselves talk and want no opposition, then frankly they are not worth your time and effort. You would be too good for them.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Couldn't care less what he thinks at this point.
Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
Oh. Just letting you know

See? That's *exactly* what I am talking about. This is what also attracts so many others to be jackasses to you. I am not doing this in public to humiliate you...I am trying to get you to see what is going on. Please?

I'm not telling you to leave LF at all...but maybe ask that you seriously rethink what you are doing and how... Please?

You can take what I have said and you can choose to
1) heed it because I am trying to help you
2) ignore it
3) hate me for it

However, I really wish you would just stop and look around--consider what I have tried to tell you.

As for everyone else...go ahead and pour on the hate at me--all it means to me is that I have gotten the better of you.

To prove a point one way or the other: If there were some equivalent of order 66 to go into effect tomorrow, and fascist tyranny were here all of a sudden, how many of you people here would RATHER see garfield as an ally?
How many of you, all differences and disagreements aside, would rather fight the tyranny ALONGSIDE him as opposed to fighting him amidst all the tyranny?
Put another way, do you hate Garfield? Why or why not? I'll wait some days before I check back in here to post what I believe it all means.

Y'all can help or not help. Whatever. I'll do what I'll do anyhow.
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