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Araeana looked up at the thin white line on his forehead. "Like I said, we thought we were there to stop you from killing a stranger... but your master knew... somehow he sensed that I would come. You were meant to kill me. That was your test. And you almost did it too, nearly chopping off my head-tail. Then Kira intervened. She held you at bay long enough for me to contact the academy. The last thing I saw before I lost consciousness was your old lightsaber melt clean through her chest. When I woke up, they thought it was me. They thought that I had killed her, out of jealousy for her force-sensitivity... I don't know... You left the lightsaber by me I assume. I got kicked out. Not charged, because they didn't have enough proof, but kicked out of the only home I knew. I started working for a clan of Hutts on Tattooine as a smuggler. That brought me here... What about you?" She gestured at his bionic body. "What's your story?"
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