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Well, I'm going with Canderous on this one. For the sole reason he's a rough badass, and who doesn't question his loyalty no matter what side you choose.

I find Carth to much of a goody-goody-two-shoes

Bastila rhymes with rich

HK-47 is annoying after awhile, although his jokes are funny.

Mission is the most whiny kid on a video game in a long time, in my honest opinion.

Jolee comes in close. He was awesome in my opinion, but I feel he drew to many similarites to Yoda.

Uhm, who's left....Zaalbar, who has no use for me but strength alone.

Tee-Three: Also comes in close. He's like the guy who knows everything, but says nothing.

Juhani has too much of her feeling sorry for herself. She's annoying too.

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