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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
That as it may be...could it hurt to have the checks and balances... a bit less on the precarious side of things? I don't think it would.
Or maybe I'm just crazy for having reasonable skepticism?
Yar-El's point was that the government was apparently taking the people's money without their vote. Unfortunately, his assertion isn't true, because the people are the ones who elect their representatives to the government. This is the way it's been ever since the inception of our country. The people voted them into office and trusted them to speak up for them. The people did vote on the resolution; they just did it through their elected representatives.

Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity
Simple classical semantics turns of phrase. Had no idea you were a comedian.
Yar-El needs to learn to use the appropriate words if he doesn't want to have his statements misinterpreted.

Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity
In a possible word, specificity. It paints people of a group all one stripe without recognizing that there can be variations amongst that group of people. I.E. White, black, native american, mexican, asian, mutt, etc...
What are you talking about? I don't see how this relates to Yar-El's (flawed and erroneous) point that political correctness = limiting freedom of speech.

Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity
I'll wait some days before I check back in here to post what I believe it all means.
No, you won't because this is neither the topic nor the forum to do it in.
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