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The Wiiware / Virtual console thread.

Right, what have you downloaded onto your Wii? What do you like? What do you want?

I'm in the PAL (AU) area, so not all the games in the US or even the UK are available here.

So far I have:

World of Goo - one of the best games I've played in the last few years. Beautiful game.

Lost Winds - looks lovely and innovative use of Wiimote to make wind to help Toko jump/fly/ bend fire & water, have had fun for the couple of hours I've been playing but I'm never really sure where I should be going. Just got Vortex, but I may be losing interest. We'll see.

Fun! Fun! Minigolf - Amusing enough against the wife and kids, but teh stupid 'out of bounds' zones on the regular playing field is ridiculous. The rules of minigolf are standard worldwide, why the hell change them?

Tetris Party - looks OK, but y'know. It's just tetris.

Onslaught - Great use of Wiimote & nunchuck - I never thought I'd be able to control a fps without a mouse, but this is great. Levels can be repetitive, but Wiiware is limited to 40MB, so what they've crammed in is amazing. If I hear "That's why you're still a kid" again though, I will kill someone.

I also downloaded Sonic 3 from the VC to see what that was all about. It's not for me though. Frustrating gameplay and horrible colours. I guess you had to grow up with it to really appreciate it? Maybe I need a classic controller to appreciate the gameplay?

What I really want is a fun vehicle racing game, but the ones that look reasonable (High Voltage Hot Rod) are only available in the USA.

As Jason mentioned in Mojonews a week or two back, some C64 titles are now available in the Virtual Console (not in Australia / New Zealand though), so maybe one day we'll see some old C64 LucasArts games appear there? One can but hope. I'd also assume the pre-talkie Amiga/PC/FM Towns LucasArts adventures may clock in at under 40MB so some of those could be Wiiwared if the included emulator could be kept small enough...

Well, if LucasArts had any interest at all in acknowledging their legacy games.
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