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(This is the end of Chapter one. And to Clarify I was going to make this the end of the story itself. But I got some Ideas for our little lost friend ^-^. Enjoy. And stay tuned for Chapter Two.)

She smiled gently at me gliding her soft fingers down my cheek as life slowly faded away from her eyes. I think she knew how I felt, sensed it in some form and in some way I knew she felt the same as me. If only things could have been different, she would have never fallen so easily like I did, she wouldn’t have…

“Hold…me… just a while…more” she said to me as she tried lifting her body closer to mine. I gently wrapped my arms around her sliding my body closer to hers, holding her against my chest. I held her in my arms as she relaxed her body into mine. She made a sound as if she was comfortable, as if she was relieved to be in my embrace. I don’t understand how in that moment she felt calm, knowing what fate awaited her. Knowing she would die and I was too weak to save her. Why? Why couldn’t I save her like I saved Vren before? Why did this time have to play out the same?

I lowered my head pressing my lips against her shoulder. So many emotions were running threw me, so many things I didn’t understand. I could sense her life fleeing away slowly from her body. As every second passed, it gave me one less second to spend with her. How I wished time would have stopped. Just ceased to exist in this moment and allow me to continue holding her for the rest of eternity. But selfish wishes never come true and I knew this moment would end and I would lose her again. The thought was heart breaking, inside my own chest I could feel my heart shatter to pieces inside me, crumble to dust at the pain I was feeling.

Silent tears fell from my eyes knowing that soon there would be nothing to hold. I raised my head slightly, resting the side of my head gently against hers. This moment was ending soon, she couldn’t hold on much longer. I wonder what she was clinging to. What was allowing her to stay so long in this moment with me?

“I love you” I softly whispered into her ear finally. There was a slight relief in me for telling her. Almost like a burden that I had been carrying was taken away and I could see things clearly. But the pain, the pain of losing her was still so real still so crippling and unbearable. How can I let go of her when she meant everything to me? Everything that no one in existence could possibly understand, she was my everything. For a moment it sounded foolish describing one person as my everything, but I can think of no better way to describe how she makes me feel.

“Thank you…” she said softly to me as she faded into me, faded into nothing. My arms came crashing into my chest with so much force it knocked me onto my back. There I laid silently weeping for what I had lost again. Feeling the darkness of my being try to take control of me once again, wanting to use me for its own selfish deeds. I wasn’t sure if I should allow it to control me, but at that moment I didn’t want to feel a thing except the continuous pain of my failure to save her.

As time passed the tears stopped and so did the pain. Slowly I sat up and leaned against a nearby wall. The pain had slowly left leaving a void with in my soul, leaving a hole that will probably never be filled. So now I’m writing this down in this journal as a reminder to myself, of what I have went through in order to change into something new. My name is Lyon Archer and now my true story begins…

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