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Originally Posted by RoxStar View Post
Not to sound like a jerk, but please argue that. Joe Scarborough is a former republican congressman and Pat Buchanan is a former senior adviser to Nixon, Ford, and Reagan and has run for President numerous times.
I generally don't care I boycott MSNBC with a passion.

Originally Posted by RoxStar
Not to get off topic here, but you said President Obama said in his own words that he wanted to "redistribute wealth" when he said he wanted to "spread the wealth around". I agree that the President's statement completely suggests a redistribution of wealth, I just do not see how this play's into our debate surrounding wikipedia? Are you suggesting that Wikipedia's staff has deleted these arguments to "clean up" their image of Obama. While it is very shady that they did this, I would argue that this has been a rallying cry against Mr. Obama by conservatives since the hard iron days of the 2008 campaign and that the Wikipedia staff is deleting it because it is deemed too far right for their sense of "balance".
First on the income redistribution, which time are referring to, the one with Joe the Plumber, the one in the radio tape (which if I remember correctly was from 2003), what?

Second, that excuse for wikipedia removing stuff in this case doesn't fly because even the sources were left wing and they deleted it anyways. See my Newsbusters article link.

Originally Posted by RoxStar
Similarly, if it was written about John McCain his involvement with the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1980s, I sincerely believe that such a repeated and brash additions or insertions would be removed by wikipedia because it would tip the balance too far left.
Well if you bet me money on that you should start paying because it would take the media embarassing them on it for them to do that.

Originally Posted by RoxStar
Also you failed to address my original points before my lovely photos
You mean:

Originally Posted by RoxStar
Fact is, wikipedia is slightly leftist in general. Is it because the majority of users are under 30, a crowd that has proven to the the largest supporters of both Barack Obama and the DNC in general, or is it just the general atmosphere surrounding the resource?
Which brings us back to why I believe that the education system is out to indoctrinate the youth into the Democrat party and the far left agenda. Again though the general members don't matter one bit, we're talking the administrative staff because they banned the individual whom made the correction and put stuff back in (the irony is that individual used msnbc (which you also agree is hard left) as one of their sources and they still banned the individual).
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