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Sam finally got a response from Takai
There, just 30 more meters and your there.
Sam made a barely discernable nod and put a little more chakra into his run. Three seconds later, there was Karela, laying on the ground. Sam ran over to her, her side was bleeding profusely.
" Well, lucky you I know the basics of theis type of medical procedure..." Sam said mostly to himself. Out of his pack Sam pulled some gauz and a little antibiotic rub. ' This'll sting, just hold still" He muttered to himself, it helped him think she will make it through this okay.
The first layer of gauz was bloodied up almost instantly, but the second and third layer were good, so he cinched it shut tight. Karela groaned in pain.
Boy, your forgetting something, Try laying me next to her
Sam did as he was told. What looked like a strand of blue fog connected from Karela to Takai.
There, she'll make it through the night, just make sure she doesn't make any for bad falls... heh heh heh.
Sam nodded again, and waited, for either more enemys or some friends.

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