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Ep 2 was even better!! Much more of a comedy element where we get a glimpse into the familiarity and friendship these longtime members have. You dont always get that in podcasts, so its a special thing IMO.

Of course, Lynky 'hitting that' and the Bale v Jackman Toushie debate was starting to stray towards dangerous non PG-13 mental images.... I thought it was hilarious of myself...

Grooves as always did a masterful job of keeping everyone on track. Niner and Moels made me breath a sigh of relief knowing that Im not the only one wanting LA to make another 'proper' Larry Holland style flight sim.

Lexxy was the star IMO, sticking it to the devs and their dlc shenanigans but I wish there was more Jae.. I think she might have been questing in the background

I think I heard someone snacking on something ...must be hungry work

anyway, awesome stuff! Cant wait til Ep3, and whenever you get Rhett on...


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