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Originally Posted by RoxStar View Post
With all due respect sir, you do not know the first thing about my illness. If I had about 25,000 USD on hand, I would hop on a plane to Japan to receive stem cell therapy to stimulate the growing off islet cells in my pancreas, causing my body to produce insulin on its own accord once again. It truly works and many diabetics have undergone such experimental procedures.
Some diabetes are genetic in nature or there genetically there is a heightened risk for it. Yours sounds different in nature to some of the others I've heard of. What I was referring to overall is the advertising that it's a cure-all which it isn't. Such as saying it will cure Down Syndrome which is a load of garbage.

Originally Posted by RoxStar
I was not born with diabetes and is relatively rare for that to actually happen. The vast majority of diabetics are diagnosed just before puberty (I was 14). Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmunal disease caused by the body destroying islet cells in the pancreas. Stem cells can cause these cells to regenerate, but there is no guarantee that another autoimmunal reaction will destroy them once again. However most diabetics reach upwards of 15 years before having to undergo the therapy once more. The sheer amount of money saved, pork taken out of the healthcare system, and lives extended and saved makes this breakthrough well worth it. Stem cells do not have to come from abortions and believing and telling others that they do is highly unethical, I dare say even immoral.
Well here's the thing the only stem cells President Bush was denying funding for research on was from abortion clinics and fertility clinics, the adult stem cells were perfectly acceptable, as were stem cells from the umbillical cord of a newborn.

The reason that that treatment hasn't been approved in the US could include the fact that they don't know the side effects. From some sources I've heard that one could be looking at an increased risk of Cancer.

Originally Posted by RoxStar
You must mean "I really have no idea what I am speaking about and am merely making the rounds between Kavar's Corner and the Senate to spout my usual spiel to anyone that will listen"
I know more about the topic than you think... I realize I haven't had a lot of sleep here recently.

Btw, if you would like me to ellaborate on something or counter a particular argument I've made do so, don't personally attack me in a Juvenile manner.
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