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((PK, hope you allow this interesting twist...))

Harding nodded to the girl,"Meant to serve."

He finished the bandages and stood, surveying the burnt forest.

He noticed that Velmer had ran a ways away, but was still in sight, but was facing off with the man called Baldur. Harding in no way, wanted to get involved with that fight.

Velmer whacked the man took a bite of the garlic, sending him to the ground.

"Fool, you interrupt the moment of truth. You will pay soon..."

Velmer looked Baldur in the eye.

"Yes, I know what you are...and I know what happened to your fact, I was there.....the name Velmer does not sound familiar to you...well then, here is my full name..."

Velmer paused to let it sink in.


He smiled, "...Illumine."

you very much
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