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Id like to suggest a recurring "Ask the Cast" segment where podcast hosts answer a few selected questions from members posted in a thread here. Many other sites even tv shows have such a component. It gives us a chance to get to know cast members better. We got a taste of this in the 'movies and games you are looking forward to' bit in Ep2.

Here are some questions I think many would like to hear the cast's responses too:
*What is your favorite SW movie and why?
*What is your favorite SW game and why?
*What was the geekiest SW related thing you have ever done?
*Has LA abandoned PC gamers? Why?
*What do you think of DRM and digital distribution?
*Do you have a handheld? What games would you recommend on it?
*What is your favourite type of pizza?
*What is your favourite area at LFN, at any particular time. eg JK forums 2002!
*What upcoming technology are you most looking forward to?
*What do you think should be the key features in the next gen of consoles(gen4)?

I have several hundred more

Originally Posted by Hallucination
Having the cast name members they like/don't like and give detailed explanations with quotes would be fun.
Id definitely skip listening to that one, and go get a ice pack for my ears


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