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Originally Posted by Cmdr. Cracken View Post
The subject: MMO's

Specifically, can the Old Republic MMO make a dent in World of Warcrafts titan grip on the market share in MMO gaming, and where does that leave SWG?
They pretty much covered all of this in Ep1.

As LFN is so diverse, their content would need to be general enough so that all members toiling away in their respective corners could pick it up and enjoy it. As an EU fan, Im hardly going to ask them what they thought of Booster Terrik painting his ISD Red, and no one except for an EU fan would want to hear about such a thing

That's what the separate areas are for after all.

Originally Posted by TSR
Hurt me Jae, I want you to.
As a doctor, I'm sure Jae has taken an oath that would make her likely to do exactly the opposite


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