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If I recall, the scientific community has never said it would be a cure-all.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
Some diabetes are genetic in nature or there genetically there is a heightened risk for it. Yours sounds different in nature to some of the others I've heard of. What I was referring to overall is the advertising that it's a cure-all which it isn't. Such as saying it will cure Down Syndrome which is a load of garbage.
Source for "I've heard about".

Source for "Advertising it's a cure-all".

Source for "cure Down Syndrome".

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
Well here's the thing the only stem cells President Bush was denying funding for research on was from abortion clinics and fertility clinics, the adult stem cells were perfectly acceptable, as were stem cells from the umbillical cord of a newborn.
So, the fact they throw away and don't use stem cells from fertility clinics every day doesn't matter?

Either way, the cells are going to die. It is just if they are used to save someone, or put into a trash can.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
The reason that that treatment hasn't been approved in the US could include the fact that they don't know the side effects. From some sources I've heard that one could be looking at an increased risk of Cancer.
Source for "treatment hasn't been approved in the US could include the fact they don't know side effects".

Sources for "increased risk of cancer".

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
I know more about the topic than you think... I realize I haven't had a lot of sleep here recently.
Care to back that up? So far you've called pro-choice infant murderers and made speculation on "sources" you did not source.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
Some of the conditions they are saying this research will fix is a load of garbage, I highly doubt they can fix conditions which are genetic in nature (despite what abortion advocates claim). That includes diabetes, because it is caused by genetics.

Nice try.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
More like infantcide being sanctioned.
I believe you have to be an infant to be classified under infanticide. Not a collection of brainless, blank slate cells.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
this is why I'm against fertility clinics, abortions, etc
So, if a woman is about to die along with her baby because of a womb problem and the only way to save the mother is to abort, you are for both of them dying instead?

If someone is raped at 13 and becomes pregnant, they are murders for aborting?

If a couple is having trouble conceiving or cannot without help, going to a fertility clinic is evil?

Other than an incredibly selfish superstition, why are you against them? And no, "I don't like killing babies" is not an answer, because only psychopaths like killing babies.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
Human life shouldn't be a commercial object, which is what this is doing.
And how do you define human life?

A pile of blank slate cells do not think. They are as relevant as the cells in your bone marrow.

They do not know what to be yet. They have the -possibility- to become a baby, but they also have the possibility to become any other cell in your body.

Its like banning the use of legos because you could make legos look like a baby, when at the same time you could use them to make hundreds of other things.

Thing is, you are so concentrated around the fact you think these are fetus'...

They aren't. They are purer and more malleable versions of the same cells found in adults.

That. Not this:

One has a brain, the other does not even have brain cells. One is a pile of blank slate cells, the other is a collection of various determined cells. One feels pain, the other does not.

Life isn't precious. If it was, your god wouldn't of rained hell and killed thousands of people in his early days. Were there babies? Pregnant women? Children? For a book that seems to call life precious, those in it weren't above killing thousands to further the teachings. And, being that you are christian, I am going to assume your philosophy that life is precious starts with your faith.

Which, in reality, would only be relevant if the stem cells were living humans instead of a collection of blank cells. It is relevant, however, on the basis of the origins of your superstition.

Or does living life not matter? I seem to also recall that you support Israel's fighting Hamas. Our fight in the Middle East. Even torturing people.

Where does the line on life cross with you exactly? Do you require them to be born, and then forget about them until they do something bad?

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