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Originally Posted by TalynBigfoot View Post
I hear you on that definitely.

Hey I have a question for everyone. Is everyone getting their posters made up at posterXXL? I guess I came into this one a little late so I'm not sure how everyone has been feeling about the color quality of their posters they got from there. I read that some weren't happy with the high contrast that posterXXL did.
Well, my prints came exactly how they were supposed to look... not sure if international orders get printed some other place.

Originally Posted by TalynBigfoot View Post
Also, what is the deal with printing a poster with the LucasArts logo on it? I would assume that there would be some copyright problems there, however I love the work of the original boxes with all of the logos on them (LucasArts and all) plus the border. Just curious, thanks!
Yeah, they'll sue you. Or maybe not. Most likely they just won't care. By the way, high-res version of the boxes (with borders and stickers) can be found at MojoArts, though I must say, I like my versions a lot better.

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