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This is really taking off just the way I wanted it too. Not only are you guys submitting GREAT topic suggestions, but you are all getting involved with it. This is basically YOUR podcast! The way we intended it to be!

Now the tricky part is figuring out which topics we will do in Episode 3. We DID promise a "revolving door" of members on the podcast, but we don't want TOO many people on any one podcast, because it gets confusing for the listener. We already got many members on the starting lines getting ready to get in on the cast. Boba Rhett is a definite possibility for Episode 3. Actually, Rhett was part of our "tarst" cast, but was unable to sit in on Episode 1 and 2 for personal reasons which will be discussed in detail on the cast itself! While Lynk is still very much the executive producer of all things LucasCast, he has graciously volunteered to "sit out" the next cast so that somebody else can speak in his place. I been kind of elected to be "host" because even though I screw up a lot,(so sorry for leaving you out two times Lynkeh!) I guess I am pretty good at driving the discussions from one topic to the next.

While Episode 3 is not fully ironed out just yet, I CAN promise you that many of the topics suggested in this thread, will in fact make it into Episode 3. We will be recording Episode 3 this Sunday, and will have the finished product out the week after, (3/23 if I am not mistaken). There is also a slight possibility we may be "hiring" (in LF terms, that means working for some additional members to help us stream things along a bit. We already have candidates in mind, so please do NOT bombard us with private messages and requests.

Glad you are digging the cast, and keep telling your friends about us. The more listeners we gather, the more successful. That will help us in our quest of finding groovy guest speakers for our future podcast.

And yes, leXX DID own me with her comment "Groovy, why do you game?"

The only reason I let that slide is that many people don't understand my approach towards video games. I am a "recreational" gamer. Not a true competitive gamer. I seek video games as a source of entertainment, not for competition. If you see my xbox live profile it even states in my bio "I may suck at most games, but I am here to have fun, which is what games were intended for, so deal with it!" That pretty much states it all. I have not "ranked on a server" since SWBFII came out for the original XBOX. That was one of few games that ever came natural to me, and I enjoyed every damn bit of it. leXX and I go way back to the days of Jedi Academy where we used to spar off saber only duels in the Matrix Dojo. And yeah, she used to kick my ass back then too! leXX has always been more of a "GAMER" than me which is why I chose her to be on this show. What is more interesting than a good looking British female gal that can kick your ass online at any game? That's why I will let her insult me pretty much whenever. leXX rules!
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