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What's that you say? I light-heartened piece and not a dark and depressing or dark and ... dark .. piece???? YAY! Thank God herself!

Yes people. Finally. A light hearted piece inspired by a VERY special person I know Ahhh.... So good.
Anyways ... Here it is!:

================================================== =======================

Sea Gypsy

A pair of converse shoes, and a big top hat.
I bet that you wish, you could look like that.
Orange hair, and masquerade mask,
I know whats under that coat;
I don't have to ask.

Striped and spotted spinning parasole,
I grit my teeth as you steal my soul.
Your power over me, sweet sanctity,
with your stare over there you strip me

Sometimes I wish it's true,
that the world was spinning round and round,
but always stopping when I suffer, and always
going when I give up her, but with a smile
and a wink, I don't have to think.

Slick hair, shiny eyes and a mouthful of surprise,
Keep me up at night, it's OK, it's alright.
That rain patters on the roof, fill me up,
to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Come here, my psychadelic fantasy,
be my beautiful and innocent, Sea Gypsy.

F, C, G and end it with D,
the only sweetest progression is you and me,
try not to throw me away like another utility,
I'm a man, and yours I'll be,
if you promise to be my, Sea Gypsy.

Wash your pills down with a shot,
no need to worry when you're on this type of hot,
and no matter what, whatever we'll be.
you'll always be to me, a beautiful and
innocent, Sea Gypsy.

================================================== ===================
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