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My appologies, somehow I completely forgot about this thread.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Just no. An expert does not know when to get out. They may make an educated guess when to get in or when to leave, but it is still a guess.
Conceded. --Though I will say I have met and worked for the types with very good instincts about these things. Some of them, clean and shiny...some of them ~ehh...some of them just downright scare the living crap outta me.

It would not surprise me if all of the above had a few skeletons in their closets like politicians.

There is this huge formula for deciding if a stock is overvalued or undervalued. It looks like a sound mathematical formula until you realized that past growth is not an indication of future growth.
Nah, really? I hadn't guessed.
When you do that you realized the entire formula is based on a guess.

Financial advisors can dress it up and make it look appealing, but it is still just someoneís best guess.
Well, social sciences are not like lab sciences...something to do with ceterus paribus (latin for all others assumed equal probably regarding parameters). So I agree.

The experts I was speaking of was financial advisors. Economist is a great profession, but it is very different than someone that makes their money in the stock market. For what it worth, I am a financial advisor although I only practice on myself since I donít want the responsibility of dealing with others retirements. Iím not following the Economist advice right now, I am hording my cash, but only to purchase stocks when I believe they are close to bottom.
I hope it is in commodoties or something like that which you have a good sound reason that it will pick up again; everyone uses it and there will always be a need. Or some trend which will only continue to grow.

I wish my parents had listened to me with MY $$$ they had saved up since I was a kid...instead of having to pay back $2K in little chunks to my bills or whatnot.

How is that working for you BTW, as a financial advisor? Do you think you are at least a little better informed as to try to make an educated guess at the right moment? --I always thought it more confusing than worth it to be honest. Now I am not so sure about that, seeing as how common sense told me the bubble was going to pop as it has now.

Still it is just a guess on my part when that will be. Donít understand your point. I believe that is what I wrote.
Oh, I was more or less agreeing with you.

And stating the grim reality that doing nothing will let those delinquent people who have defaulted etc. face the music. It's kind of a brutal solution, yes...but honestly I think people should have to pay the price for living too far beyond their means. Just my opinion, though. Say la'vie. We're bailing out all those banks and people, anyway. So my opinion is irrelevant, I guess.

Good or Bad? I donít understand your point.
Uneducated, fair weathered folks who decide good day or month necessarily = good economy.

Those who have only bothered to watch cnbc and not become legitimately educated, like yourself kind sir. Though I have some economics, I am only able to generally guess at least what will happen next. I am not in your league, though.

If people knew the future then they would know how to invest. It would not matter if that future was good or bad.
Ohh?...but it wouldn't be as fun that way.
The problem with the market is uncertainty leads to speculation and fluctuations. Since I am a long-term investor and far from retirement I usually pay little attention to the market on a daily basic. However, now I am watching it closely. Not in an attempt to get out, but watching for the right time to buy.
THAT is a smart man. Pretty much what I figured when I was 14. Long term is what really matters.

I only watch Jim Cramer for the entertainment aspect of it.

Day to day-whew! No thanks.

Which is safer, $100,000. in the bank or $100,000. in your pocket? The number on a sheet of paper is fine as long as you purchase it from a ligament source (the problem today with the lack of oversight is knowing what is a ligament source).
Uh-huh. I sort of get you... Could you perhaps elaborate on what a ligament source is in general? I think I get where you are coming from, and even have found a few places regarding gold and that. I want to be sure, though.

The gold is safer stored in a vault than under your bed (at least in my neighborhood). Oh, my thought on gold is it is never a good time to buy.
But it's lower than its ever been? Is that not a good time to get as much as possible before it rises again??? I don't know what you mean.

True, although I would have disagreed while living with my parents.

My current neighborhood, not too bad. True, I barely even trust my neighborhood as it is with the computer I own, which btw I am currently using right now to interact on this forum with you. So $100 grand in gold nuggets....nonono!

Thusly, I concede to you again kind sir.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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