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Sam looked at Karela, She wasn't looking any better, but at least she had stopped bleeding. He tapped Akagi's shoulder.
" As far as I can tell, she's been like this for about... ten to twenty minutes?" Sam said, then conferring with Takai.
Yeah, about that long.
" Yeah, ten to twenty minutes" Sam affirmed. Akagi nodded, apparently he still loathed Sam's internal organs.
Well, some things never change.. Takai thought with Sam.
Sam noticed a stickiness in his armpit. He looked and one of the clay dogs had either blown up to close for comfort or had bitten him.
" Great..." Sam mumbled.
Just a moment, this'll be much easier than your friend Karela over there... That was a real test of my mediocre skills.
Suddenly, Sam's armpit was whole again... the chunk from his side litterally disappearing from him.
Much better ,Sam thought.

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