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America Held Hostage?

Ever wonder if the wealthy have a stranglehold on the government? Think about it. why wont our leaders do what is obviously right for the economy or environment or make jobs or alternative fuel?

Perhaps the wealthy and the oil people want things to be the way they are. They want to make oil the main source of energy. They want the rich to get ricer and the poor poorer. Maybe they don't care what happens to earth generations from now because they want to cash in now and they won't be around then.

I imagined becoming president promising to "cut our dependence on oil" and "create jobs and decent wages for workers." One day a threat came by phone from an oil company person. They don't want these things because they are benefiting from oil and exploiting the poor. They said they would snuff me like Kennedy if I didn't do what the rich wanted. They also said they had people on the inside etc. But this is a hypothetical scenario of "what if i became president and discovered the real reason for government corruption."

You think its possible that they have our leaders under their leash?

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