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Hey Everyone!

Yes, there will be plenty of storm beasts and some fallen Jedi. There are also some surprises along the way. Kreia returns as a Force ghost but not like Obi-wan or other Jedi. It would be better to say she is bounded to Malachor V. Think of the Valley of the Jedi where the dead Jedi souls are forever connected to the wounded planet, or what's left of it.

In the coming weeks I will have an update which will explain the holocrons in the game in more detail.

I will have a few bounty hunting missions in the release of ACT I.
Later when the full version of RoR is released there will be more.

When RoR is fully released you have about 10 planets and Vogga's ship to explore in the game. In Act I you will have about 4-5 planets plus Vogga's ship.

ACT I is looking like it will contain around 40 modules plus a few stunt/cutscene modules. I'm building the last two planets and then I will be going back and adding in some extra content.

I will have some pics soon for you guys, I have been doing a lot of building in the back end.

Next Update i will start to reveal some of the party members' side quests and which ones will make it into Act I's release.



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