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Originally Posted by CommanderQ View Post
YES!! I have found more Hornblower fans! The book series is indeed amazing That reminds me, have you read any of Patrick O'Brian's books....Master and Commander...any of those? Fairly more recent than Forester's work, but it is pretty good
No, I never did read those, but I just put the first two on hold at my Local library... should be an interesting read if they're anything like Hornblower... Thanks!

And, in other news, just finished up Pillars of Creation over 700 pages or so of goodness... just took a while to figure out what was happening at the end...

However, it's definitely a good way to continue the Sword of Truth series... up next will be Hornblower and the Hotspur, Master and Commander, Semper Mars, and, then, the first book of Plutarch's Lives... and then let's see what other stuff I could throw onto that list just to do so...

God, I love my library...

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