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It's incredibly callous to brush off the troubles of others groups like atheists while sitting there like a martyr trying to paint your own little tempest in a teapot as 'persecution'.

You are of the opine that somehow a vast minority in the United States is actively persecuting the overwhelming majority?
When 'persecution' in Garfield Newspeak means what it does, everyone is persecuted. If Christians are persecuted because they're having their beliefs questioned and are allegedly facing widespread discrimination, what does that make the atheists, people with dark skin, women, gypsies, Arabs, illegal immigrants, elderly, and the handicapped? Not to mention all the other groups facing discrimination of some sort in the US ?

My, that's a lot of persecution going on, someone should plead with the UN members nations to send in at least a battalion each of peacekeepers. Rwanda is nothing compared to this.

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