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Originally Posted by justanother_strwsfan
I must admit I could have written a better script for Kotor, the only humor that was involved was with the droid.
I enjoyed the KotOR storyline perfectly well - that, alongside the customisation options, was one of the main reasons I kept going back to it.

And by 'the droid' I presume you mean HK?He's very amusing indeed, but I always thought Jolee was the best in that respect! Though, they all have nice comic moments...except T3 I suppose (in the first one).

As I hinted at there, one of the main reasons I still go back to KotOR is the customisation. When a new skin comes out, or a weapon, etc. I usually prefer to use it from the start of a new game or a very early save, to get some use out of it! Of course, the result is that I very rarely complete it, but that just ends the fun!

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