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Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
Thats what I get for having a rotating IP. Perks from working with the bigger fish. Jealous?

Edit --
I did a online check of my ip, and those maps and locations are way - way off. They do pick up the service we are using, but most of the information is false. Depending on which online site you use, it shows my ip coming for four different locations. Two locations are in one state, and the other two are scattered around the US.

It doesn't mater if you believe me or not. What is important is that the company I work for is doing their job. I'm still safe from you.
One of my vocations in life, is as an IT technition, and the above ignores the following as I understand it... Though matt-- and Stoffe are far more familiar with such things than me.

IP address allocation is performed by IANA (The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). IANA then gives authority to RIRs (Regional Internet Registries). Then RIRs will also pass on responsibility, depending on their own particular regional policies, and tend to set blocks of IP addresses to their customers, which include Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Each of the RIRs handles a specific geographic area:

The most used are; ARIN (North America)
and RIPE (Europe, Middle East, Central Asia).

So if you lookup an IP address; the different regional authorities allow lookups to be to that data. The varying ISP's generally block their blocks of IP addresses by region. The lookup will give the name and address of the organization the block of IP addresses are given too. The ISP's can re-name these blocks if they wish to do so. The naming will often be after a particular geographic place, for example, Lon-UK, aka London, United Kingdom.

As such while IP checks can be off, I have never found them to ever vary so much as giving lots of different locations, they definatly don't get the wrong country or state, More-over I don't see how an ISP check could reveal a 'false' result.

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