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Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
Mat-- is the one who tried to pull off a phishing scheme to steal your screen names and passwords. I'm calling it as I see it. I wonder what hes going to do with that information. Who says I should trust him. He is the one exploiting people, and allowing them to use double standards - thus, alienating groups of individuals. He is the one who is stealing private information. Not me.

I have nothing to loose from this, nor do I have anything to gain. He does.

He is a complete stranger to me. Why should I trust him?
Perhaps because I was trying to link one particular user to one particular twitter account based on motive and a penchant for irrational behavior? The api call I used would have just confirm that a certain LF member owned a certain twitter that was using our Lucasforums brand with a reasonable belief of mal-intent. Even though the api call failed (and gave you a pop-up), your own panic outed you.

By the way, if any one comes across, it is Yar-El's platform for fraud, and I will follow up with twitter support to get the account suspended. Depending on what is posted there, I leave open the possibility of contacting further authorities.

Yar-El, so long, and thanks for all the lols.

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