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Well, I don't bring assumptions to the table on what people sound like.

Groovy...I could swear that I've heard you somewhere else before. Not sure exactly where,though. You and I would have to chat in private to see if we'd have run into one another in the last 10 years. Or if you have been in any media product...or you could just sound like someone else.

You sound very professional nevertheless.

Do you wear a suit and sunglasses like a CIA agent?

Lexxie...hmm, nice.

Lynk...just an average joe. Thant's okay, your tastes in video games makes up for it. remind me of some guest professor who once lectured to me in college. That's a compliment, don't worry. Kinda reminds me of Virginia Wolf on Rocko's modern life--or Stewart's mom, Mrs Stevenson on beavis and butthead (same actress). Except different.

R9...I don't know what you sound like. At first you sorta sounded like Randy Roads--Ozzy's first guitarist going solo after leaving the least what little of him there was recorded on the track "Dee" in the Randy Rhoads Tribute. As it wore on... I cannot be sure.

I'll have to listen again to get a second impression.
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