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For those who haven't read the Lady Death Series, If you change the skin color to a bronze rather than red, Purgatori is what Lilith looks like


Part of me wanted to fly to Hell’s Gate; to report to Belial and beg to be replaced. I couldn’t work with a man who thought me a monster. A man I still loved.

No, I had to report, tell him I wanted to be sent back, find a replacement.

The flight was brief. After all, at ten miles a minute where in town was too far away? I settled in on the helipad, then took the elevator down. The office was now full except for our vampire. Andiel was pouring some coffee, and held up the pot. I shook my head.

“Lilith, come in here please.” I heard his voice, and turned. He stood in the door. Part of me was glad. He’ll send me packing, I didn’t have to beg for reassignment.

I walked into the office, and he closed the door softly. “Sit please.”

I sat, wings flaring. He watched me for a few moments, then asked softly. “Can you appear as you were, please?”

I grinned, batting my eyelashes. “Why Captain, are you asking me to violate the law? ‘Any member of a non human races who uses any natural skill to pretend to be human for any purpose not fully explained to the human they are speaking to is a felony punishable by banishment to the natural realm of their people for any visitor, and by death for any native born creatures’.” I quoted.

He didn’t smile, and I felt my own grin fade. “I’m sorry, Art. Call Hell’s gate. I’ll go back-”


I felt tears well up in my eyes, running down my cheeks. “I just had to see you again-”


“I’ll ask for reassignment. You’ll never have to see me again.”

“Lil, will you shut the hell for one minute.”

I looked at him. He sighed, sitting on the desk, facing me. The sword leaped into his hand and he flicked his wrist angrily making it disappear again. “Lil, Andiel told me what happened. Perhaps you have lied to her, perhaps not. But for what I must say, I would feel more comfortable speaking to the woman I loved.” He looked as if he wanted to slit his own throat, but it came out as, ”Please?

I sighed, picturing myself as I had been. The horns gone, the wings just a memory. Once I had the picture in my mind, I opened my eyes.



The best way to describe a Greater or Lesser Demon is; More. Think of the makeover shows you see where they take the bespectacled teacher and turn her into the sultry super model. The reason the love gods/goddesses are usually attributed to Demons is because the primary art practiced by a demon is seduction.

She sat there, wearing a bikini more for propriety than anything else. Wings that at full spread would be fifteen feet across, a set of almost cute horns, and a tail that whipped when she was nervous, as now. But facially and physically she was sexuality incarnate. It was Lil, but more of her. She looked at me with that look I remembered, like a puppy expecting to be kicked. Then she closed her eyes.

It was harder than I thought. I saw the change as she became just the Lil I had fallen in love with. Her outfit became the same type of suit she’d had worn with the Marshall’s office. She opened her eyes, and she was the same as I remembered. I wanted to wrap my arms around her, but I could feel the sword’s hunger. If I got close enough, it would leap to guard again. “Oh God, Lil. I missed you.”

She smiled hesitantly. “Art. I wish I could hold you.”

I didn‘t know what to say." I pulled a chair over. “What happened, Lil? You disappeared for three weeks. If you had come back sooner, maybe I might have…” I wanted to say it, but couldn’t. If she had come back earlier, tried to contact me earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have made that damn promise.

She looked down, then up. I remembered the nickname she had gotten when it came to hostage negotiation, the tease. “The last time you saw me some guy had shot me twice in the chest, and I was running for my life.” I flushed. I was just glad they hadn’t started making the special rounds then. I nodded.

“So I flew south. Why I don‘t know.” She shook her head. “Maybe a demon homing instinct. Then I ran into a circle.”


“Magician’s circle of summoning and binding.” She said. “Some young wannabe magician had an old grimoire and when the news reports started, he decided to use it.”

She looked away. “One minute, I’m flying toward Trop, next I slammed down on a floor, trapped inside a magic circle.” She grinned. “Lucky for me the idiot had the usual wishes. He wanted wealth, and I didn’t even have my Visa card. He wanted Britney Spears as his love slave, and I told him he would be embarrassed having such an old broad with kids hanging on him. I suggested Hillary Duff instead.” She chuckled. “Then he wanted immortality. What could I do? All of my make up was still in the apartment.”

I could picture her in her ‘hostage negotiator mode’, walking through trying to back one kid off from asking for the moon while keeping him alive.

“Then he made the last mistake he would ever make. He decided to call down another demon to make me behave.” She shivered. “He got a Greater demon named Belial.”

She looked at me, and I saw horror. “Think of a gang banger trying to hold up the President. Only Lesser and Lower demons can be held by a circle. Belial allowed himself to be caught.” She shuddered. “The fool thought he had won the lottery. He started to demand, and Belial…” She bit her lip. “Belial showed what a Greater demon could do. He blew the circle apart, ripping the boy into shreds, and rescued me.”

She giggled, but there was a thread of tears in it. “Rescued! Art I’ve seen what serial killers have done, the worst that man can do. Belial created a new definition. You probably read about it if they didn’t call you in. A boy ripped into shreds, as if he’d been through a slaughterhouse.”

I did remember it, the body was found on the 4th. They hadn’t called me in, and the Magic team wasn’t even started. They had suggested that a demon had done it but no one had wanted to believe it.

“Belial is a Prince of Hell. He was the last of them who spoke with humans all those years ago, and when the Shift began, he went to spy us out. He thought I had been some little fool who went early, so he took me ‘home‘.”

I suddenly saw it, the ‘brave rescuer’ returning with the damsel in distress. “When did they figure out you were local?”

“When I panicked as we passed through Hell’s Gate.” She replied. “I went from Las Vegas to Hell. As much as the Christers think Las Vegas is on the outskirts, they have never been there.” She shuddered. “I screamed, soiled myself, and fainted.

“When I awoke I was in detention. Belial had figured out I was a native, and for the next three weeks I was interrogated.”

I stiffened, and the sword leaped to my hand. “They tortured you?”

She shook her head. “I was an enemy alien, but of their race. Think of the Nisei, still subjects of an Emperor in a land their parents had left decades earlier. They considered me like the CIA does a defector. They debriefed me, digested, did it again, then again until they had gotten everything they could.”

“What did they want?”

The first Shift six millennia ago had caught them unawares. They wanted a quick run down on history; everything we had done since then.” She grimaced. History had always been my forte, not hers. “They didn’t learn much, but what they didn’t learn from me they picked up from others. I wasn’t the only one they picked up. Two or three dozen of us were there when they let me go.”

“How many are still there?”

“None. They let us all go at the same time. I found myself at Trop and Paradise, with a thanks and welcome to return.” She sighed, leaning forward, hands rubbing her face. “So I called home, hoping to get you.”

I had the good grace to blush. “Picture it from my side, Lil. I come home, see a demon in your room, and enough blood and flesh scattered around to think that the creature had eaten anything that wasn’t there.” I collapsed into the chair across from her. “The woman I loved had been savagely mauled, and I wanted her killer dead. The DNA test was exact.

“Then some woman calls, claiming to be her, to have been changed into a demon during the night, and can she come home?” I threw up my hands. “As a kid I heard stories about demons needing permission to come in, I wasn’t going to let that… thing, back into my home.”

“I didn’t understand that then, Art. I was cold, tired, hungry and I couldn’t get anyone to understand. I called the department, and they tried to arrest me. I fled back to Hell’s Gate. Belial took me in. He had been assigned as head of the DBI, and he needed investigators to work on our side of the Gate. So he hired me, gave me an advance against my first month’s salary, and got me a place.

“But I was still an outsider, a demon talking to real humans. So once I was settled in, I hired a lawyer.”

We both chuckled. Everyone always think lawyers are closer to Hell than any other human, but Demons hated them even more than the average citizen.

“You know the rest.” She sighed. “But Art, the pictures, the dress you bought me, the jewelry… Why?”

“The law might say you were alive, but I refused to accept that.” I said. “I wasn’t going to let some monster wear that dress, wear the jewelry I had given you, look at the pictures of a happiness I no longer had. I destroyed them all…” I reached into my coat pocket.

The box was dented, dusty, the velvet worn to the backing. I had bought that a week before the Shift, and when I believed her dead I had carried it to remember what I could have had. “All of it but this.”

She took the box, opening it. Three interwoven rings of white gold, yellow gold and platinum with a single carat diamond on it, with a matching ring without a stone on it.

“Oh Art.” Her eyes shown.

“I was going to propose. I wanted something in my life good after the hell of that night. But it was taken away. First by the Shift, then by my own damn promise.”

She sighed, and closed the box, handing it back.

“I’ll try to keep the sword at bay. I’ll try to act civil toward you. All right?”

“Civil is all I can ask.” She sighed. “But if I find that God you are bound to, I tend to rip a strip of skin a mile long off him.”

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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