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""But one thing poke's at me like a sharpened blade. Why do you hound me, day and night? Why do you hound my kin?"

Baldur smirked. "Because... The Lycan are nothing more then mindless beasts. They cannot be reasoned with. They will never stop butchering."

"Baldur... get your men ready. We need weapons, protection, and anything else to defeat the Werewolves."

"I already made arrangements, my dear!" he pulled his finger from the ear earpiece. Moments later, Harker Guards surrounded the place aiming their weapons at the enemy. Baldur reached for his Gunsword. The blades singing was like a melody to Baldur.

"Bloodhound! It is obvious you surpass every Werewolf here you command. Both in mind and strength! I am interested to see what type of skills you possess that earns you the title of the pack leader! I would be deeply honoured if you demonstrated your knowledge on Magick infront of your eager audience, so as to compare mine with yours!" Baldur grinned insanely.
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