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Trace scratched the back of his head as he listened to Melissa talk. She was upset and scared he could see that. But her words didn't make much sense. Trace however wasn't really in the mood to argue with her about religious factors. Something about fighting a war was unsettling to him, it seemed wrong.

"Melissa can't we talk about this first. I mean after all if you go by 'Religion' we are all gods creatures and deserve the same amount of respect." He said to her as he stood up and placed a hand upon her shoulder.

He knew he might get an angry looked from her but he didn't care all this mindless killing needed to stop before another drop of blood fell to the ground.


Kalvin started to laugh to when he heard Melissa say "rules by filthy monsters". Did she honestly believe humanity was better. Humanity which was destroying itself so blindly every day. If anyone had to be labeled with that then everyone had to be.

"filthy monsters huh? So you think humanity is better?" he laughed a little again "You haven't seen what humanity can do to its own kind like I have." Kalvin said as he lay down upon the forest floor peering threw the trees at the sky. He hoped to see a bird, any bird just one last time.

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