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Araeana heard the loud thunk of Chikara hitting the tunnel floor. She turned and ran back to his side. She stooped and rolled him over, checking to make sure his vitals were okay. She knelt on the cold floor for a moment, wondering what on earth to do now. She had to find some sort of safe shelter for them. She attempted to lift Chikara onto her back, but his weight nearly brought her to the ground. "Oh c'mon! How can someone so skinny weigh a friggin ton?" She had to get them out of the middle of this tunnel at any rate.

She struggled forward, Chikara's non-responsive body weighing her down. Near the end of the tunnel, she found a door panel. She gently laid Chikara down and tried it. It was locked. Araeana pulled her blaster out of its holster and blasted the panel twice. The door slid open. She dragged Chikara inside and resealed the door, taking a few moments to reprogram the lock. She looked around at the small room. It was a maintenance chamber. Four maintenance and cleaning droids lined the walls. Exhausted, Araeana sat down, her back against a plasteel cylinder and watched Chikara with concern.

"A long time ago, but somehow in the future..."

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