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You never know , maybe Tim will join LucasArts to make a full throttle sequel or they may buy the franchise from LucasArts. There are many problems in the creation of FT2. The main one is that Roy Conrad , the voice of Ben , died back in 2002. The second one is that Tim Schafer is not willing to involve himself in a sequel, which is the reason they cancelled Hell On Wheels. Third one is that LucasArts still owns the title , and a little game studio like Double-Fine can't affort a title like Full Throttle , financially. Im sure they can make FT2 , and a good one , but we need involvement of both LucasArts and Tim Schafer (cuz he created FT after all , with Dave Grossman) If they don't want a sequel , we are talking in vain about this topic. As for the voice of Roy , nobody in this world can voice Ben better than him. Too bad he died. RIP Roy. Still i believe that they can use technology in the future maybe , to extract recorded tracks , and make new tracks using his voice from the other tracks. Its hard but not impossible. Still , we are talking about the future.
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