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Harding was quite surprised at Melissa's speech, and even more surprised at response to it, and the appearance of a werewolf, and the discovery of a half-breed vampire. But he had no buisness with them. He looked to the humans in the group.

"Well, you kids can have your war another day, I need to get you guys back to the station and to your familys, they don't quite appreciate you being gone, and neither do we. That, and I've got a long report to fill out, the vamps and wolves haven't seen the last of us, if Velmer was any sign...."

Harding motioned for the humans to follow.

Velmer sighed as he sat in the Black Hawk helicopter.

"My Lord, if there is anything that needs doing, please let us know,"Said Kekringer, one of Velmer's many servants.

"There is nothing that needs doing at the moment, Kekringer."

The man nodded,"Well, My Lord, how did your attack go?"

Velmer smiled,"It went well, though I will be more thorough next time. Oh.....yes, and I ran Grandson."

That made Kekringer stop in surprise,"Your Grandson, my Lord?"

"Yes, and it brought back many...many memories, he's very much like his father...too much like his father. I may half to battle for my throne once again."

"My Lord, the Legion will not let that happen."


Suddenly, the chopper landed, and Velmer immediatley donned a blue business suit.

He straightened his tie,"I guess I must speak with our benefactors, and ensure their loyalty."

He stepped off the chopper, two lines of mercenaries lined up next to a red carpet. Kekringer bowed his head,"Of course, My Lord."

Velmer walked into the tall building where he would begin the war he knew would come.

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