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I liked this 'cast it was half serious business *insert niner pic* half extended blooper-reel, cool to see how you guys (and gal) got it started. Although I'm pretty sick of hearing about FIIIIVE already *glares at Lynk and Jeff* the other stuff was cool to listen to as well. Oh, after hearing just a little bit, you have to get Rhett-ski back to do some more, which I know you're already planning. Also, I don't know how some of you managed to remember the first game you played, thinking back myself, I can't remember mine. If I had to take a wild guess though, I'd say it was probably the Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros. combined cartridge. Anyway good stuff, obviously it wasn't as polished as the actual first two episodes, but I still largely enjoyed listening to it. I used it to replace Galaxy News Radio while I played Fallout 3 XD.

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