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Kalvin laid on the ground and raised his hand slightly. He was attempting to be serious and add some comedic relief to the situation since how everyone seemed to be on edge. He wasn't sure if Baldur was saying that they didn't know how to fight in general, or just in battle. In the case of battle it was true he didn't really understand the military structure of battle, all he new was that people got killed and people cried.

"I know how to fight, I'm not weak you know." he lowered his hand sat back up and looked directly at Baldur "and besides if there is something out there threatening the safety of my friends. I'll be damned if I run away like some coward and let it get them them."

"And what we are suppose to just run like cowards" Trace said to Kalvin glaring at him.

Kalvin looked over at Trace with a smile on his face "Not Exactly. I'm assuming you two still haven't talk to other humans about trying to aim towards peace. Maybe you should still be trying to do that."

Kalvin could see that Trace gripped his teeth together tightly momentarily in frustration. Kalvin laughed making sure to mark this day down in his head as one of the few days he out smarted Trace and got him to be quiet.

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