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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
Interesting, I wonder why they are more commited?
That could be multiple reasons.

Originally Posted by mur'phon
You could, but as IQ tests are A: made with a male brain in mind, and B:are easier the more you take them (so males would win simply due to having taken more tests in their life), it wouldn't be very credible. Still, if you have a study showing this, please bring it up (possibly in another thread.
And what's to say the other tests weren't deliberately geared to make Religious people look bad, or the test had to do with an area that the Atheist had specialized studies in. This is an extreme example but say we the Aetheist is in the medical field and the religious person is a Mechanical Engineer, and the test is on Human Anatomy, which do you think would do better on the exam?
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