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Anyone with access to the data sets (ASVAB test scores and the correlating demographics) and an Excel spreadsheet. The test scores are empirical, meaning they are hard scores. The demographics are self reported at the time the tests were administered. ASVABS are administered in just about every public high school in the United States sponsored by the Dept of Defense.
Again it depends on how the test was administered, there are so many different variables that can invalidate these, that the test is laughable. This is one reason why many Atheists get looked upon in a negative light. The way they come across trying to act superior to everyone else and trying to justify it, like you're doing now is extremely insulting and if the situation were reversed I'd probably be banished or facing a lawsuit.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
That has no bearing on the study in question. The tests were standard ASVAB, designed to multiple areas of cognitive function not specific learned knowledge like engineering or anatomy.
It was an example that many people can understand.
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