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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Again it depends on how the test was administered, there are so many different variables that can invalidate these, that the test is laughable.
It was the ASVAB test. It was administered to millions of teenagers in the United States by those that are seeking to fill the ranks of the military with the best and brightest? What concerns might you have with that?

It looks like you're just making excuses.

like you're doing now is extremely insulting and if the situation were reversed I'd probably be banished or facing a lawsuit.
Pure, un-informed rhetoric. Have you any examples of anyone "facing a lawsuit" at LF for citing empirical data from a scientific paper? Have you any examples of any member having their account closed at LF for citing empirical evidence from a scientific report? Come on Garf... you're better than that.

It was an example that many people can understand.
It was an example that was misleading and dishonest in the context of what we're discussion. Lets remain rational.

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