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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Why don't you look at other historical studies on people based on race or religion and you'll see why I seriously question the credibility of the study.
Those "historical studies" don't appear to be related to the one I'm citing. I'm not aware of any other studies that use Dept of Defense ASVAB scores and the demographic data obtained to look at correlations and trends. Feel free to cite these alleged 'historical studies' should they actually exist.

In the mean time, I'll remain in the present with the empirical data that currently exists. Data that you appear to simply wish away or ignore simply because it isn't to your liking. You have a conclusion. You're interested in only that data which are supportive. This is rational?

Do you seriously want an honest answer to that question?
Honest answers are all I'm ever interested in.

Let's see you use a study that reeks of trying to further an ulterior agenda, there are plenty of historical examples as to why this study probably isn't credible, and you accuse me of being irrational.
I can't imagine what use I'd have for such a study. You'd like that since it creates a strawman you can more easily knock down. Using such a study would be irrational so I stick to being rational. I accuse you of being irrational because you're not demonstrating otherwise.

The reason a lot of people have a problem with atheists has to do with their attitude.
That's the same comment I used to hear adults say when I was a kid. They weren't talking about "atheists," though. They were talking about blacks who were getting "uppity" and not sticking in "their place."

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