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As Aiden was talking Ryan felt something release from under him. He realized what it was as he fell threw the floor and started sliding down something. His heart raced inside his chest as he slide further and further into the unknown. As he looked down past his feet he saw the faint glow of a light, it seemed to flicker and move. Ryan's ride into the unknown ended with him flying across another room slamming into boxes.

He laid there stunned and in slight pain as boxes fell down on him. He used his arms to shield his face and the boxes bounced and rolled off his arms landing next to him. When the assault of boxes ended Ryan just laid there wondering what had just happened.

As his eyes regained focus he was sent into sudden shock and surprise again. There leaning over him was a beautiful blond female, with deep blue eyes. He almost felt like he was getting lost into her eyes, drawn in by some unknown force.

"Are you alright" she said to him, her voice sounding almost as you would an angel.

"Yea, yea. I'm good" Ryan responded still slightly in shock. Slowly Ryan sat up feeling the pain in his leg move through out the rest of his body.

"You should take it easy for a while. You might of broken something with a crash like that" she said to him as she placed her hands upon his shoulders.

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