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Hypothetical TFU 2 Plot [Spoilers]

Well, I have had this thought in my mind for quite some time and since there hasn't been a whole lot of discussion of the game in recent months along with the fact it will never build a modding community to make it a bigger community, I thought I would share thoughts that came to mind that I know some people may have interest in.

One thing I've noticed that people do not like is the fact that Starkiller, Darth Vader's secret apprenticed sacrificed his life in order to save the lives of the co-founders of the Rebel Alliance. It was tragic that he did die, but you had to kill him because he was way too powerful not to be in the original Star Wars trilogy. It was a way to tie up the loose ends.

Now, here is a thought I've had for a few months now that I have decided to share with you. Let's think hypothetically: What if Starkiller didn't die? What if Vader and Sidious thought he was dead at first, but realize later he really wasn't. He didn't have any visual marks on his body that would make you believe he was dead, though that really doesn't mean anything in the Star Wars universe if you know how things work.

So you're wondering where I'm going with this. Let's assume Starkiller didn't die. So what do you do with him in order to make it so he isn't a factor in the original trilogy, but keep him alive? You put him in prison. Once the Empire is defeated, the founders of the New Republic find him in prison somewhere. Now, keep in mind that if he didn't die there on the Death Star like we all presummed, it would almost be probable that the Emperor would kill him as he probably is too powerful to be kept alive. But how often do people not kill their enemies when they should have in movies? Like why did Mace Windu hesitate to kill Sidious to give Anakin enough time to react and save the Dark Lord? Why were the battle droids in TPM not opening fire on the surrendered Gungans, but instead are rounding them up as prisoners when Sidious ordered all of them to be wiped out before the battle started? Let's go one further. Starkiller didn't kill the Emperor when he had the chance.

Okay, so Starkiller is found alive and in prison by the Emperor after the events of the original trilogy. Maybe the Emperor had him tortured to make him suffer for all the problems Sidious was having with the Rebellion and that is the only reason the Emperor is keeping him alive is to get some satisfaction from it. Who knows? Maybe the reason Starkiller is willing himself to live is because he longs to be with Juno and hasn't given up hope that he'll be with her again some day.

Later, Juno then finds out that her long lost love is still alive after the Rebellion defeats the Empire. There you have the grounds to start a sequel to The Force Unleased. Then you come up with a story where the New Republic will not survive if Starkiller isn't finding along their side.

Now, if I was working for LucasArts and was trying to come up with a sequel to TFU, this would be an idea I would present to them. Unfortunately, I don't, so I wouldn't count on this idea you're reading to happen.

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