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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Another thing to note is that the ASVAB would only test those athiests that intended to join the service.
This premise isn't sound. N=10,650,267 in the study, representing the number of teens tested by CAT-ASVAB instruments. I don't know the numbers recruited for 1997-1998 for the Army, Navy, Air Farce, and Marines, but I do know that the number for 2004 was somewhere in the neighborhood of 120,000 combined for the four branches. If you really need a source, I could probably find one. But the important thing to keep in mind is that far, far more teens are tested than ever sign up. In addition, the ASVAB wasn't the only instrument used. The CAT was also used to obtain the relevant data. But since recruiters test nearly a million (around 800,000) students a year, even 120,000 indicates that far, far more are tested than ever plan to join the service.

Since most of the athiests I knew had no intention of going off to war their ASVAB scores are unavailable.
I don't see how this anecdotal evidence is useful. The military prides itself in being representative of the general U.S. population. Indeed, there's no compelling reason to believe that atheists are any less patriotic than their superstitious counterparts.

Getting their SAT scores would be awful difficult as well as they ended up dropping out of HS. An area the religious tend to be better at.
This is interesting. What's are data you use to arrive at that conclusion.

Seeing as how you have to graduate to join the service, the dumber of the athiests tend to get left off.
Hmmm... I'm beginning to think you aren't really citing any data or empirical knowledge but relying on your own fallible perceptions and anecdotes. I'm sorry, but this doesn't seem to be a valid or sound argument. Your premise is that atheists are more likely to drop out of school and obtain a degree or equivalent. The military does, by the way, accept the GED -indeed, you actually get more promotional points for a GED than a HS diploma!

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