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"Not Exactly. I'm assuming you two still haven't talk to other humans about trying to aim towards peace. Maybe you should still be trying to do that."

Melissa didn't like it when Trace and Kalvin got into an argument, even if it was a small one. But Kalvin was right. They had to find a way to tell other humans to live in peace with the Vampires and Werewolves. But how? She looked at the sky. It was now Night. Surprisingly, they had no sleep. She felt tired a little.

"I suggest you go with Officer Harding. He's right! This forest is no longer safe for youths like yourself. You know nothing of battle!"

The young girl sighed sadly. "I guess you're right." Before she followed Harding, she stopped, and turned to look at Baldur. "What... what about you? Will you be okay?" This was her first time being afraid for someone she only met for a few days.
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