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Carth vs. Canderous

A lot of Jedi vs. Sith or Revan vs. XY and Z in these forums. Let's take into account a show down between other, non-Force sensitive characters.

Thus...Carth vs. Canderous.

This is actually somewhat hard for me. Canderous is the extremely tough Mandalorian who goes on to become Mandalore the Preserver, but Carth is a capable Republic pilot with enough wit and cunning to get him out of any scenario.

Here are the categories:

Strength -who is the better fighter
Dexterity - who's good at not getting killed
Constitution - who lasts the longest in a tough battle or demanding situation
Intelligence - who is bright bulb of the two
Wisdom - who is the guru
Charisma - who is better at getting his way with people
Overall - self explanatory


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