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Strength -who is the better fighter

The Mandalorian wins on this one. Stat-wise, the dude's a tank.

Dexterity - who's good at not getting killed

I'd say Carth, despite himself, can duck faster. In-game, he's got a pretty solid dex, and I never weigh him down with anything heavier than Echani armor.

Constitution - who lasts the longest in a tough battle or demanding situation

Canderous is the tank, so in a physical toughness contest, he wins. If it's mental toughness, stubbornness, Carth edges him out.

Intelligence - who is bright bulb of the two

Carth's got a better-honed BS detector than Canderous ever will. Hell, Carth's BS detector is the stuff of legend! He's also better at subtle tactics (finding ways to let Zayne escape, sending out Mical to track Exile).

Wisdom - who is the guru

I'd say the gents equal out in this regard.

Charisma - who is better at getting his way with people

Tough call, especially with how I write them! Canderous has a brutal, severe charm that wins over the mostly-LS crew. Yet, Carth is technically in co-command of the mission and manages to persuade and influence the great persuader/influencer herself.

Overall - self explanatory

I like writing them both, and refuse to pick. I also have a pet theory that they're still working together in K2, and that they both decide "enough's enough" and go after Revan shortly after K2's end.

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