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I have done more traditional rugby. It's a bit precarious and often degenerates into brawls and melee. Traditional rugby has no rules except get the ball into the other net by any means possible short of death.

It's not as fun as it sounds. Everyone tries to kick you in the nutz. Or bite you.

Originally Posted by Darth Eclipse View Post
Die unbeliever!!! How dare you not list Hockey?! EVIL!!!

HAHAHAHAHAAAA! Yes that's right.

Well, actually, I liked going to hockey games here and there.

Once I even considered doing it. Problem is they brawl, but I take attacks as a potentially life-threatening situation nowadays and act accordingly. It would not end well. Funny how life is: I initially got into watching it for the reason of the "tough guys" fighting. There are a few other reasons but we'll leave this at what it is.

Though that isn't to say I don't occasionally enjoy a friendly game of street hockey with a furby or some odd object of junk. Or street baseball of similar stature.
No live animals!

We'll murder them all, amid laughter and merriment...except for the few we take home to experiment!

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