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Hard call.

While Carth had it over Canderous mentally, character...can't say exactly.
Canderous was not conflicted, albeit a tad hot-headded. Carth was conflicted somewhat about fighting. When he "reached his objective" he had to find another reason to go on and I suspect without some reason he would not have the will to win any fight. Stave it off maybe, but not win. Canderous, bloodlust and felt an innate need to preserve his people and their ways. He might have matured a bit--or not. By K2 he was realizing his limits, though. Still a fighter through and through.

Canderous wins for stamina and strength.

Carth wins for dexterity, and I suppose intelligence. Carth had the strong possiblity of the force running through him though that is never confirmed in canon.

Carth is principled, Canderous is loyal.

Tactics, they were even being both soldiers.

Though Carth kinda annoys me, in all fairness...I can't choose.

I think Atton would beat the crap out of both of them 2 on 1, being the special fighting scoundrel that he is who is also definitely force sensitive.

Originally Posted by Allronix View Post
I like writing them both, amnd refuse to pick. I also have a pet theory that they're still working together in K2, and that they both decide "enough's enough" and go after Revan shortly after K2's end.
Hey, nice to see ya back.

Nice theory. Why do you say that, curiously?

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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