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And ET, I am quite aware of the history function, however since that was on my laptop, I prefer to have it automatically purge the history.

Sam, Yes, I was also in the military. When I first signed up I was an atheist(please note that spelling is not tied to intelligence at all, but thank you for showing me how much of a nit picker you are). In fact it wasn't until a few years after I had gotten out of the service that I became spiritual again.

As for the graduation rates, I wish I could find the study again.. I think I hit a perfect google search, then the browser crash. I apologize for not having that source available. In fact, I may have been looking at another study. One stating either Liberal or Democrat graduation rates versus Conservative or Republican. And no, I'm not looking that one up either. I am not doing my thesis on this subject, so I refuse to sit there and play the source game.

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