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Originally Posted by leXX View Post
I love my iPhone/iTunes, so suck it.
suck the iphone? Its far too big, and doesnt have cut n paste

One place where a WMP compliant device wins is drag n drop through explorer, no sync. Drag, drop, play..bang! You can bypass WMP altogether if you like. (or just useit to correct art/track details). I have a cheap ole iriver E100 which only gets used when I go jogging

There are apps that enable this with ipods too actually.

I plow through OS installations so frequently, a large footprint app like itunes just doesnt work for me.

If you have ever unpacked the itunes installer... theres is a bunch of unexplained crud in there... WTF is 'bonjour' for starters (apart for the french word for hello/good-day)


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