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The events of the past two days started to weigh heavily on Trace's mind. So much so that he started to feel tired. He had read a survey one time while he waited for Melissa to get out of class stating that if a person goes three days with out sleep they could be legally labeled as insane. When Trace first read that he thought it was stupid. He knew several people who stayed up for weeks and they're mental capability hadn't changed.

Trace knew they needed to get going if they wanted any chance of stopping the impending war between the species. If they couldn't stop it, a lot of people, werewolves and vampires a like were going to be killed.

"So where do we start? Who do we need to talk to about preventing all side from being slaughtered?" Trace said as he shoved his hands into his pockets taking a step forward.

He wasn't sure if it was just the fact that he had grown tired, or the stress of the situation but he knew one thing he was getting hungry and needed food. He knew the body could only last so long with out food or water until it shuts down, sleep was more for the mind then the body. He laughed slightly remembering what his mom always told him.

"A healthy mind breeds a healthy body" he mumbled to himself.


Kalvin wasn't going to argue with a vampire, he knew it most likely be futile and rather stupid too. Slowly he sat up and stood back upon his feet. He had grown tired, hungry and felt like he was stressed out to the max. Inside he felt so conflicted about whether he wanted to run and hide, or stay and fight. Dying wasn't really on his list of things he wanted to accomplish anytime soon, but he also didn't want to get the reputation as a coward. And he especially didn't want to seem like a coward to his friends.

Kalvin stretched some, popping joints as he did trying to wake up his body a little if anything. T

hen he smiled, one of his everything will be alright smiles as he said "Well damn, if we are going to try and save the whole world can't we at least eat something first. I don't know about you all, but I'll get majorly cranky without any food in me."

After saying that he lightly patted his stomach and laughed. The mood of everyone had become to dense and unbearable that he wanted to act funny just for a moment to lighten things up. People can't think clearly if they are to focused on everything at once, and this situation required them not to make a single mistake.

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